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How do I automatically delete my followers on social media?

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How do I automatically delete my followers on social media?



Obsessive followers are one of the most important problems that an individual may encounter using social media, and at the same time may be a source of happiness for others. One of the things the pioneers of social communication want to know is how to delete imaginary followers because they represent the wrong picture of the account. Any desire on these websites simply means that the person has a group of imaginary followers, and that he has got them by paying money to some specialized sites or doing tricks and tricks, and in all cases it becomes a disgrace to the person who exists, especially if Ka Not actually occupied by the presence of these observers to brag and boast their own, so let us know in the next lines together to observers, the real and imaginary of them, as well as ways to get rid of these fictitious automatically.

Who are the followers? Before we talk about how to delete imaginary followers, we first have to identify these people. Those who follow in general are the people who care about you and want to follow up on you and know the latest developments about you. They do not necessarily love you. They may be hateful to you and all that drives them to follow you is to wish for your fall. If there is a category of curious people who are not preoccupied with all the past but only are looking to follow people and know what is happening about them, all these followers, whatever their goals may be following you in the real world we live in and recognize the people and get close to them and approach us, Or rpm This meeting will be in the default placebo, which is the existence of prior knowledge is not supposed to, but just get excited to someone for some reason and then follow-up, and this type of followers in this virtual world is our subject and our conversation too. Follow social networking sites so that you have a base of true or true followers. First you need to have a social networking site. When someone likes or even thinks people want to follow their views, just like public figures like Football players, sportsmen, artists, politicians, and anyone who can once be convinced of their opinion or attention to the degree of follow-up that is the most important and most important is the sites of communication.


The more you become famous, the more you follow, and the fact that your fame, as we have mentioned, may not be good. People follow you with admiration, but it may be one of the worst things But what if you were not a former person and you were just an ordinary person who did not know their loved ones and friends, then suddenly you had a large number of followers ? They are undoubtedly the imaginary followers we mean.
The follow-up delusional illusionists are simply a group of followers of you on social networking sites, who are registered and clear to the rest of the participants, but at the same time have no real presence, that is, their presence and absence, but they make you a reputable figure in the eyes of others, Who do not realize such a trick, they are attracted to you with a pure human instinct and feel that you are an influential person, because you have attracted a great class attraction and made them follow you. The appearance of delusional followers may be because of a play by you or a hacker of some kind, and it may be something that you have nothing to do with it, but someone else has attached it to you, and not a condition that that person hates you, but on the contrary, he may be courting you and wants to serve you , But the important question that arises now, how do you know that these observers who you have imaginary? Detecting followers will not be difficult for you. At first sight you can see a large number of followers in the follow-up field, and of course it will happen suddenly. There will not be any kind of boot, so many can be real, but , Which will make you make sure that it is just an imaginary number is that it will not be effective at all, and apply this to Twitter, for example, when we share to Twitter you expect to come to you, for example, a hundred admiration because the current observers have a hundred followers or slightly increase, but, to have A hundred thousand follower and does not come to you only a hundred admiration that confirms that they are dead D imaginary observers. Also, among the methods of identifying the imaginary followers to look at their names and see their interests, you will see that they are completely different from your interests and culture, if they are not here for you, or more precisely, they are not there because they are just imaginary followers, but how they came to you I wonder?

How did the followers follow the illusion? Knowing the existence of imaginary followers in the life of private social communication is very easy if the account we are talking about is your personal account and the person who increased the number is not someone else. In this case, of course, you have done some of the famous ways to increase the number of your followers, There is only one answer to this question, but if you do not really know who did it, you do not know or remember at the same time. In this case, the answer will be different. Some people can increase the number of followers either for themselves or for any other account. They use some tricks and illegal methods to do this. In fact, their intention is always good, because of course they will not benefit from adding your followers to something. As famous personalities, but also from


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