Review of Google Maps features and disadvantages of Google Maps

Google Maps is intuitive and innovative: Come take a look at Google Maps from near and recognize its advantages as well as its flaws if any. Here is a review of Google Maps Google Maps



Google Maps is a Google Maps service that was launched in 2005. It was initially a trial version that only works on Mozilla and Internet Explorer and then added to Opera and other browsers.


Google Maps lets you write an address, city, country, company name, airport, hospitals, even a national memorial name and get a map within seconds. Maps can be seen as an aerial image only with the main roads and streets, or you can zoom in and see all the little streets as well. For large cities with public transport, you can also search for the address and request of nearby subway stations. It will instantly appear on the map, allowing you to plan how a new address will be accessed using public transport. Google Maps is intuitive and innovative.

Google Maps displays maps of places and streets of the world’s cities. Initially, it provided maps of the cities and streets of the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States of America and Ireland, and then developed the service to include most of the world’s cities. Google has added more modifications to Google Maps to this day to develop and give it more efficiency.

Google Maps features

Google Maps is one of the best on the web. It provides high-quality maps of the world and is updated if these places are changed by satellite, allowing users to navigate the cities and streets of the world with the click of a button.
The service also allows the user to determine his or her current location and place of residence or a precise description of any place he wants to go, a wonderful feature that makes it easier for users to know places accurately.
This service is designed so that the user can handle it with ease. It can change its location on the map using the mouse, and it can also zoom in or enlarge the map easily to reach its desired location.
This service also supports what is called local search, which allows the user to get the name of any place or address anywhere in the world, and show the result after searching on the right side of the maps and can also show the phone number in that information if available.
Google Maps also added information about the routes and destinations that a user must take to reach the desired destination.
With the development of smart phone and tablet systems, Google Maps has launched a new update for Android devices, which features a distinctive feature that shows any project, incident or event that disrupts the road at the same time as the user searches the maps and also this feature Suggesting alternative ways for the user to avoid traffic congestion.
Google Maps is a very important service for users, especially journalists who work in the accident department, where they can know the location and timing of the incident, making it easier for them to do their jobs.
This service can also display all areas of interest to the user automatically without looking for himself, through the presentation of the most important places of restaurants, cafes and various shopping places.
Google Maps provides a step-by-step service that allows users to see specific points on the road to reach their destination quickly and easily.

Disadvantages of Google Maps

Google Maps can not be viewed as restaurants, cafes, places of worship, and markets on computers and mobile phones, unless the user is connected to the Internet, making it difficult to use the service in places where there is no Internet connection.
Google Maps sometimes do not understand when you want to see a new place or a new area. The city, state, or postcode of the sites can be written to resolve this problem, but not always. You can get bored sometimes trying to make Google Maps understand that you want to change locations or find out addresses in different cities.
Some countries do not yet have the Street View feature. The street view property works superbly in major major cities, but can be boring in rural areas due to the lack of check in road names. If Internet connection is slow, street view is difficult to use.
The Google Places feature of Google Maps has received many complaints from users for not being able to leave their views on the places shown on the maps as well as the companies for not being able to respond to the negative views that they accuse.


Review Overview

Maps of the world are of high quality and are often updated
Ease of use and suit the requirements of users of different fields
Features such as Step by Step and Street View
Difficulty using the service and its features in case of slow internet connection



Google Maps is a comprehensive service. Are so innovative that they even include maps and information on the Moon, Mars, and NASA missions. Google Maps is easy to use, easy to understand, and makes seeing maps of things really fun and fun. You will find yourself writing different sites at random to see if Google Maps can understand them and find them. Google Maps, generally, is seen as one of the best mapping services available.


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