How do you clean your device from harmful software and viruses?

How do you clean your device from harmful software and viruses?


Everyone complains of the large number of viruses and malicious malware that infect computers, so how do you clean the device and get rid of them forever and forever?


How do you clean your device from harmful software and viruses? A question posed by all users of modern technology, especially after the spread of viruses and spyware, which increased attacks than it was before, rarely find an electronic device never touched by viruses because of the spread of malware everywhere. What causes viral infections? What are the methods of prevention? How do you clean your device from harmful programs and viruses? This is what we will learn about this subject, so follow with us this important and interesting topic.


What do you know about viruses?

Before we know the reasons, you should know the meaning of viruses called viruses in this name relative to the viruses that infect the human body in proportion to that these viruses are similar to the functions of viruses that infect the human body, both agree on the attack and sabotage. Viruses are malicious software that is designed to destroy the sensitive files on your device that cause many problems, whether material or moral. There are many banks and companies that are infected with viruses, which have incurred millions of dollars to repair problems caused by viruses. So many large technology-based companies in their dealings are pushing millions of dollars for powerful antivirus protection programs.


What causes viruses?

There are many reasons that can not be limited and lead to infection viruses, but we will review the common causes that lead to infection are as follows:

Neglecting the installation of a protection program on your device: Perhaps it is one of the most powerful reasons that cause the infection of viruses because of the absence of a defense device to resist the destructive operations by these viruses not install a protection program makes your computer environment suitable for the spread of viruses.
Download files from the Internet: You rarely find a file safe in the Internet because of the possibility of uploading files by anyone, and this allows the possibility of a lot of infected files, which lead to the infection of your computer viruses very large.

Activation of programs and games illegally: There are a lot of people who rely on illegal methods to activate their programs by resorting to malware such as crack or patch whose virtual function is to activate programs or games, but the hidden function of the software is espionage and sabotage where the owner of those Spyware is on everything inside your computer without even feeling that the software will most likely not be detected by antivirus software.

Using infected external storage media: Even if you are not connected to the Internet, infecting your computer with viruses is highly likely because viruses can be transmitted to you by exchanging data between your device and external storage media as most external storage media are infected by infected files Unfortunately, the configuration process is not enough to get rid of viruses, so any device connected directly to it will be infected.
Neglecting the software update and operating system installed on your computer: With the huge technical development that we are living hackers work to study all the gaps that can affect the systems or programs installed on your device and developers are constantly updating these programs to address any problems that can appear The lack of updates to these programs makes you vulnerable to viruses due to gaps in your device.

Browse suspicious sites: Did you know dear reader that while browsing any site, the owner can know all the sensitive information about you such as your IP number and your country and your Internet provider and that information is able to penetrate your device at any time by the hackers so try not You are browsing insecure sites that can use your data to hack you.


How to protect yourself against infection?

You can avoid viruses by keeping away from any of the reasons your computer is infected with viruses, which we explained in the previous points.


Clean your device from programs and viruses?

In order to clean the device from viruses, you must follow the steps that we will list next and it will help you in a great way, God willing, to get rid of all viruses on your computer, which are as follows:

Remove all suspicious files on your computer such as software files and games that you downloaded from unreliable sites and remove all kinds of crack and patch even if it is safe as that software, even if it is installed for a good purpose is a loophole and a real threat to your device.

If necessary, remove the Windows system that is installed on your computer and configure the entire disk by removing all the files in all its partitions and not only removing the basic system files that are usually in partition C but removing and formatting the entire disk.

Check your hard disk with an external, secure computer with a powerful, genuine protection program to scan your hard disk and eliminate any files or viruses you may have.

Install a genuine and powerful protection program on your computer before you start installing any other programs or files so that it can hold any dangerous file or program on your computer.

Install the necessary updates for your system and for your security software system as this step is important to protect you from infecting your computer with a new type of virus, which the copy of the updated security program can not detect.

Remove any apps installed on your browser as these applications pose a real threat to all computers around the world where they can create a vulnerability to destroy the files on your computer.


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