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How do you download images from Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with high quality?

How do you download images from Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with high quality?


The use of social platforms has become very common and the images have many uses on those platforms, in the following article explained how to upload images on different platforms.


For most of us, the main reason we take photos on our Andoride devices is to upload images on one of the platforms of social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Snape Chat, or Twitter, and share with our friends the various moments of our lives, Admiring our followers. With a lot of photos on social networking these days, there are many occasions where we want to save photos directly to the Android – whether it’s just to see it again in spare time or to share it with our friends on another platform. But it is not always easy to just click and save images directly from within the application, so we will show you the best solutions to download photos from your favorite social networking sites directly on your Android device.

Upload photos from Facebook to Android
There are millions of photos floating on Facebook, photos of people, photos of works of art, or landscapes. These images may always remain on the site, but it becomes harder to track them more than a few days after they are posted. Fortunately, it’s easy to upload these images onto our Android devices before they disappear from the publications. Here are the ways to download photos from Facebook to re-display them on Android, without having to go back to Facebook, by adding them to the gallery application on your phone.

Using a web browser
You can do this only with your phone’s web browser, as it’s sometimes not possible to upload photos to your Android gallery through the Android app.
Press “Browser” on the Android Home screen.

Click on the browser’s address bar, enter “” and press the Enter key.
Log in to your Facebook account. Navigate to the location of the photos you want to add.
Press down on the image until a menu appears. Click Save Picture in the list. Click OK. Repeat this step for each image you want to add to your Android gallery.

Press the “Home” button to go to the apps list on your Android device. Different phones have a different way of accessing them from the home screen. Click “Apps” or “Arrow” on the screen.
Click on “Gallery”, click “Downloads”, the gallery opens your Android download folder.
Using the Facebook application

You can also access the images through the Facebook application, which enables you to download the image by clicking on the image to view it in full screen mode, pressing the “Menu” button, which is shaped like three vertical dots, and choosing “Save Image.”

Save images from Twitter to PC
Recently, Toter added a feature to upload many images to its users, but this feature is not available for those who want to upload photos without having an account on the site. Even right-clicking on the image to upload no longer gives you the option to save or view the image, and even the copy option captures a white background only. Here’s the solution to upload images in another way:

You can download and install Mozilla Firefox, if you are not already using it, and install the DownThemAll 3.0b5 add-in.
Go to the Twitter page that contains the image to save, for example. Right-click anywhere on the page.
Click DownThemAll
In the windows that pop up, click the Images and Media tab.
In the Download column, look for items that contain the URL*.jpg
You can either right-click each URL, then click Copy link, and then go to upload the image as usual. Or, you can only select those files, specify the download path where you want to save them, and click Start. If you select the latter option, files will be downloaded in this path that you selected.
If you’re a Twitter user, using Twitter on your Android device:

Open the picture you want.
Press Menu (three dots at the top right).
Select Save.

How to download images from Instagram to Android
Instagram became the number one place to see pictures, people and places all over the world. While still displaying photos in your photosystem is fun, it is often difficult to save images so that you can view them later, but there are many solutions available to download images from Instagram on your phone or computer.

Download InstaSave from the store.
Open the application and log in using your Instagram login details. Your photostream will be cloned in the form of selectable icons, just like in your gallery application.
Find the image you want to save (you can search for users using the magnifying glass icon to search).
Press the Save button at the top right of the screen – which looks like a floppy disk.
You’ll see where to save the location in the folder, which you can explore through your Gallery app.

How to Download Photos from Instagram to PC?

Suppose you lost your phone and logged in to Instagram on a new machine, and you want to download a copy of all of your photos on Instagram to keep them on your new phone? Or create an archive of them on your computer? This is easy to do too, but you have to do it on a computer rather than a phone, by following these steps:

Navigate to the Instaport site on your computer.
Log in with your instagram credentials.
Choose whether you want to upload all or only selected images.

Save images on your computer.
If you want to transfer them to your phone now, connect the phone to your computer with a USB cable and copy the files to your phone.

Save it in the Instagram folder in the photo gallery (or wherever you want to keep it).


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