How do you improve your phone’s performance and speed with simple steps?

How do you improve your phone’s performance and speed with simple steps?

What causes slow phone?

There are many reasons that lead to slow phone Unfortunately, the main reason for this problem are the errors that fall in the users of smart phones, which are summarized in the following points:


If your phone’s capabilities are poor: Of course, if your phone’s capabilities are poor, do not wait for your phone to be fast. Phone capabilities greatly affect the speed or slowness of your phone. The higher your device’s performance the better.
Download applications Anonymous: There are many applications available in the application store and most of these applications are harmful and unfortunately many of us are loaded and installed on his phone and after installation of these applications will notice that the performance of the phone became very bad because of the effects of those applications on the phone system.

Download applications that do not fit your phone’s specifications: Many of us neglect to read the requirements of applications before downloading them on their phones and this causes a lot of problems for their phones, especially if these applications need special specifications to operate applications download is not commensurate with the specifications of your phone is consuming the maximum power for your phone It causes a lot of problems, including slow down your phone system.

Download apps from anonymous stores: Some people install their apps from anonymous stores other than stores that support their phones. This is a trap where many of the users of these stores are those stores, although it offers a lot of applications paid for free but it is not subject to any protection measures such as that provided by authorized stores and thus the proportion of applications Harmful by their very large preparation makes victims of those applications larger. Installing this type of application can cause your phone many problems to affect its performance badly.
Receiving files from viruses infected with viruses: One of the biggest reasons to slow down your phone is the infection of viruses as a result of receiving files infected with viruses and transmitted during the exchange of files between your phone and another infected phone Once you receive those files on your phone, your phone is infected with viruses and thus you will notice problems with your phone Including a slow phone.
Full phone memory: This is a common cause of slow phone due to slow data traffic in the phone due to lack of space on the phone.

Installing an external memory card is not compatible with your phone. This is also common because the phone is slow. Installing an external memory card that is not compatible with your phone causes a lot of problems due to the inability of the phone to be compatible with the card system. .
Installing an Unofficial System: Some may think installing a modified system instead of the original phone system may help improve phone performance. This is wrong because modified systems are people’s modifications. These include changing and removing some important tools that make your phone work And then you will notice a very slow phone appearance due to the lack of these files, except that these systems can cause internal components to malfunction of the phone.
Not updating the phone system: Some may think that updating the telephone system is unnecessary and this belief is completely wrong as these updates are necessary in order to improve the performance of the phone as these updates include modifications to defects of the system and fill the security holes that can appear in the old system version and contribute Dramatically improve your phone’s performance.

Damage to an internal phone component: A problem with the internal phone components will, of course, slow the phone, especially if the problem is with the RAM or the CPU. Therefore, feel free to send the phone to the appropriate center if you feel that there is an internal problem with the phone.
How do you improve phone performance?
There are a lot of actions that will greatly contribute to the improvement of the performance of the phone and is summarized as follows:


Make sure you do not download any files from the Internet until they have been properly tested and checked for viruses or malicious files.
Be sure to download all the updates sent to you by your phone manufacturer. It helps address all system errors and remove any gaps that could pose a threat to your phone.
Make sure you do not install any application until you have confirmed it well. Please feel free to consider evaluating the app before installing it and see if the application is useful or just a bad application for its benefit.
Do not install applications on your phone. Just install the applications you need and you will use them to reduce their consumption of system resources for your phone.
Be wary of installing any files or applications from unknown sites or stores especially as those sites or stores are full of many harmful applications and files that will affect your phone very badly.
There are a lot of random applications available in stores that are useful to improve phone performance and remove malicious files. All these applications are inefficient and increase the consumption of system resources to slow down your phone.
Do not share any files or applications with any other device until you have verified the integrity of the device from which you are receiving files, and prefer to download files from the device to share files with him on an external disk and check those files with antivirus software before uploading them to your phone.
Check your phone regularly for viruses and install a paid antivirus application to ensure that your phone is protected from any viruses that can affect your phone’s performance.
Remove any files or applications that you do not need from your phone. This is a very effective step and greatly improves your phone’s performance and speed.


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