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Temple of Kom Ombo

Temple of Kom Ombo




The area of the sanctuary from claiming Kom Ombo.
The residential community of Kom Ombo may be arranged on the east side of the Nile, 45 kilometers to the north of the city from claiming Aswan, around 800 kilometers to the south for Cairo, the capital of egypt.

Encompassed Eventually Tom’s perusing fields of sugarcoat Also corn, Kom Ombo may be An pleasant farming town that Right away hosts a number Nubians that were displaced following The point when those water of the nile overflowed their hometowns then afterward those development of the nasser lake.

Sanctuary from claiming kom ombo.
The forcing Greco roman sanctuary for Kom Ombo may be offered for its gloriously setting specifically ignoring the nile. This will be the reason a visit of the sanctuary is as a rule included altogether those itineraries of nile cruises that cruise from luxor to aswan What’s more the other way around.

The expression “Kom” to arabic intends the little rise and the expression “Ombo”, in the pictograph old egyptian dialect methods the gold. Therefore, those expressions Kom Ombo, as An whole, intends the knoll of the gold.

Those expressions Ombo might have been really starts from those pharaonic expressions “Nbty” which will be an modifier determined of the saying nebo that intended gold. Throughout the coptic period, the expression might have been somewhat changed on get Enbo Also At the arabic dialect got regular Previously, Egypt, the statement got to be “Ombo”.

Despite Kom Ombo may be renowned today because of those sanctuary that might have been constructed Throughout the Greco roman era, the territory might have been possessed since the pre dynastic period of the egyptian historical backdrop Also huge numbers aged entombment destinations were ran across On Furthermore around Kom Ombo.

The name of the town; Kom Ombo, or the knoll of the gold clarifies how imperative it might have been for those ancien administration Egyptians starting with the prudent aspect, notwithstanding the certainty that those town never truly flourished but The point when the Ptolemies took control about egypt.

Those Ptolemies bring constructed a number changeless military bases in the territory arranged on the red ocean. This created the business exercises between the town spotted close to those nile and these bases, particularly Kom Ombo which might have been An travel perspective the place Numerous exchanging caravans used to stop.

Those mossycup oak glorious times from claiming Kom Ombo went when the romans governed through egypt as it turned into those capital and the administrational focus of the area Furthermore Throughout this time an extensive bit of the sanctuary of Kom Ombo might have been constructed What’s more huge numbers different segments were restored What’s more remodeled.

The sanctuary of Kom Ombo, which we perspective today Also might have been manufactured Throughout the Greco roman period, might have been constructed on the vestiges of a much more seasoned sanctuary which might have been called “Ber Sobek” alternately those house of the divine being Sobek.

This more seasoned sanctuary might have been raised Throughout those reigns from claiming ruler Tuthmosis iii et cetera Throughout those decision period from claiming Queen Hatshepsut, whose gloriously sanctuary may be at present remaining in the West bank for Luxor, What’s more both belonged of the eighteenth tradition of the new kingdom.

The late sanctuary about Kom Ombo might have been constructed Throughout those time from 205 till 180 bc in the administering time about lord Ptolemy v. The development procedure of the sanctuary went looking into for Numerous quite some time thereafter in the time starting with 180 till 169 bc for every ruler Hosting as much expansion of the mind boggling of the sanctuary about Kom Ombo.


An expansive parcel of the sanctuary of Kom Ombo, including the hypostyle hall, might have been constructed Throughout those rule from claiming head Tiberius, starting with those quite a while 81 till 96 bc. The edifices fill in of the sanctuary went thereafter for more than 400 a considerable length of time Throughout those controlling period from claiming Emperors Caracalla Also Macrinus till the white collar of the 3rd century advertisement.

The Ptolemies have constructed those sanctuary from claiming Kom Ombo for the love for two gods, Sobek; those crocodile god, and Horus, the bird of prey lord. This will be the reason the complex principally comprises for two parallel temples for every last one of accepted parts for such ancien administration egyptian religious structures need aid display in the two temples.

Those sanctuary of Kom Ombo might have been constructed basically with limestone fit as a fiddle of a rectangle, for an arrangement What’s more An plan which may be very much comparative should a significant number temples constructed in the Greco roman time such as those Temples of Dendara Also Philae which would recognized “around those The greater part significant monuments clinched alongside upper Egypt, visited Toward various visitors.

The outline of the sanctuary from claiming Kom Ombo begins for a front courtyard, An hypostyle H taking after it, three inward halls, et cetera two sanctuaries; you quit offering on that one committed on Sobek and the different to horus.

Of the sides of the internal halls, there need aid seven chambers; three from claiming them arranged in the eastern segment of the sanctuary same time the others need aid found in the Western a piece. Moreover, those sanctuary about Kom Ombo need A large number antechambers and more diminutive rooms that were utilized for distinctive rituals Also a few purposes.
A situated for steps lead from those ground of the entryway of the temple, which comprises of a substantial structure settled on of squares about stones. The façade of the sanctuary about Kom Ombo need some about eminent divider carvings of the Ptolemaic kings defeating those enemies Also displaying those offerings of the gods.

Following passim through the entryway of the temple, the guest enters inside those hypostyle hall, constructed in the roman period, which is generally destroyed and harmed because of a few motivations with the long haul death Toward.

Those patio of the sanctuary comprises of a rectangle open space for sixteen columns encompassing those patio from three directions. Unfortunately, just those bases for these columns made due until today with some of the capitals that were spotted toward those highest priority on the columns.

Then afterward those courtyard, those visitors enter inside the main inward corridor that might have been constructed Throughout the controlling time of Ptolemy XII. Of the east of this hall, there are huge numbers portraits of the Ptolemies continuously purified by those gods Sobek and Horus, over a scene that might be discovered Previously, other temples similar to the Edfu Also Philae.

The inward H of the sanctuary from claiming Kom Ombo need a configuration which will be comparative of the external H yet the columns here are exactly shorter and the stone capital about these columns bring those state of the lotus flower, a standout amongst the The majority imperative Also sacrosanct plants over ancien administration egypt.

Those sanctuary of Kom Ombo may be offered for Hosting two asylums committed of the two gods of the temple; Sobek Furthermore horus. Those two asylums comprise from claiming two comparable rectangle halls which need aid acknowledged to make “around those The greater part antiquated segments manufactured in the sanctuary Similarly as they were constructed Throughout those rule from claiming Ptolemy VI.

Those origin of the sanctuary about Kom Ombo will be found in the south eastern segment of the intricate and it might have been constructed Throughout the period from claiming Ptolemy VII. This structure comprises from claiming an external patio that heads under a front hypostyle H that heads thus with an additional two halls the place rituals of the conception of the child of the gods were conveyed out.

Those house of prayer about Hathour is placed in the north eastern segment of the sanctuary from claiming Kom Ombo Furthermore it comprises of a rectangle formed house of prayer constructed higher over the ground Furthermore arrived at through climbing exactly steps. Those house of prayer may be 5 meters in length Furthermore 3 meters totally.

Inside the house of prayer about Hathour, there would three glass galleries that presentation three mummies for crocodiles speaking to the divine force Sobek. The façade of the house of prayer need An representation displaying Hathour sitting in front of the doorway.

In the north Western segment of the intricate of the sanctuary for Kom Ombo, there will be An hardware molded great that might have been utilized as An Nilometer, the apparatus that those aged Egyptians used to measure the level of the water of the waterway Nile, comparable of the person found in the Rhoda island for cairo.

This Nilometer might have been constructed Throughout the roman time and it may be associated with An more modest water great. These Nilometers were about specific essentialness particularly Throughout the season of the flooding of the nile.

Arranged in the north eastern segment of the sanctuary for Kom Ombo, An roman style house of prayer constructed in the 3rd century promotion might have been committed of the lord Sobek.

The head Caracalla is depicted ahead two columns that overwhelm those door under those house of prayer that hosts a significant number portraits of the divine force Sobek, which might have been worshiped Eventually Tom’s perusing huge numbers Egyptians Throughout the Ptolemaic and roman periods.

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On the internal side, of the over divider of the Temple, will be a amazing scene! it indicates the initial delineation of therapeutic Furthermore surgery tools, which are constantly introduced to An situated lord. Here you will Figure delineations of: scalpels, suction curettage caps, bone saws, Also dental tools; 2000 quite a while of age depictions!.


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